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Spa Southern Hills
1902 East 71st Street
Tulsa Southern Hills Marriott
2nd Floor
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136
Tel: 918-493-2646

Tues. &  Wed. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Thu. thru Sat. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Couples Massage and More in Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Making a choice between the various massages such as aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, and couples massage at our Tulsa, Oklahoma day spa could be the only difficult aspect of your visit with us. At Spa Southern Hills, our massage and body treatments are designed to be therapeutic and indulgent at the same time. We also offer deluxe services to revive your skin, including body polishing and mud treatments. Imagine yourself in the skilled hands of professionals who know just how to provide the most relaxing, refreshing body work, all in the comfort of a beautiful, elegant spa.

Massages: Indulge Yourself

Body Treatments: Pre- or Post-Massage, or on their own

Hot Stone Massage in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hot Stone Massage: 60 min/$115     90 min/$140 

A Hot Stone Massage is something everyone can enjoy. The stones that we use are pure, clean "river rocks." They're very smooth, from decades of river current rushing over them. The stones are basalt, which is rich in iron, so the stones retain heat well. They're about the size of a large flattened egg. Before your massage, the stones are immersed in a warm bath 'til they're within a warm but not-too-warm range. We also use botanical oils that are gently warmed for your comfort. The Hot Stone Massage is then ready to begin.

The warm, smooth stones and botanical oils are then placed at strategic points on your body to melt away stiffness and tension. The heat warms up your muscles, improves your circulation, and calms your nervous system. The masseur also holds stones while massaging you; the heat from the stones helps to dissipate tension in the muscles. A Hot Stone Massage is a great option for those who suffer from poor circulation and arthritis pain. It's also especially helpful to people who tend to get chilled easily or have cold feet and hands. 

Full-Body Massage: 60 min/$75

This full hour of revitalizing massage creates an incredible feeling of wellness and relaxation. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to experience the total body relaxation of a full-body massage at our Tulsa spa. Indeed, the healing properties of touch are at their most powerful in an hour-long Full-Body Massage.

Stress Relief Massage: 30 min/$60 

A terrific way to release the tension in your muscles, the Stress Relief Massage focuses on your neck, upper back, and feet (yes, feet) for 30 minutes. Kiss your stress goodbye! The massage is great after a tough day at the office or with the kids, or whenever you need to really unwind.

Ultimate Massage: 90 min/$115

A variety of massage techniques combined with essential oils and hot steam towels make this decadent treatment the signature massage of Spa Southern Hills. For a full hour and a half, you can be in your own private heaven, getting the Ultimate Massage. Do you deserve it? We think that you do.

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Couples Massage: select any of the massages above

Imagine yourself and a special someone in your life each getting a fabulous, relaxing massage from your own masseur as you lie on separate massage tables, able to talk with each other, de-stress and be pampered together. Now imagine this taking place in a private treatment room lit by soothing candlelight and enhanced with calming music. Need we say more? If you can think of something more relaxing and rejuvenating than a Couples Massage, let us know! Our luxury spa in Tulsa awaits you and your Couples Massage partner.

The Couples Massage is a great opportunity for lovers, friends, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons — any two people who'd like to experience the nurturing and complete relaxation of a massage performed while they spend some quality private time with each other. Two therapists will treat you and your massage partner to a delightful, soothing experience.

Massage increases your blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the cells, lessening tension and muscle aches. Getting a massage is good for your blood pressure, too. And in addition to the positive physical effects of massage, the Couples Massage offers a host of other benefits: you can enhance your communication, build intimacy, develop trust, release tension, and banish boredom with a Couples Massage. Our Tulsa spa staff has heard it again and again from our guests — the Couples Massage is somehow "more than just a massage." It's a truly special time, an escape like no other.

One more thing —some individuals are not entirely comfortable with the idea of getting a massage. In fact, maybe they've avoided it altogether and have never received a massage. What better way to be introduced to the beauty of a good massage, then, than by going with a familiar friend and getting massages side by side? Many massage "converts" have been won over by the Couples Massage, indeed.

Pregnancy Massage

Mellow Mama: 60 min/$85

A full body massage using specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention.

Mother Nurture: 90 min/$125  

80 minutes of massage bliss in company with 10 minutes of pre-natal lifestyle education to assist you beyond the Spa and throughout your pregnancy. Our skilled therapists’ provide take home instruction in areas such as structural balancing, lumber lengthening, and special breathing techniques, all aimed at alleviating stiffness and pain.  

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Massage Additions

Hot Stone Foot Massage: $35/ 20 min

Steam Towels: $10 (no additional time)

Aromatherapy: $10 (no additional time)

Deep Tissue: $10-$15 (no additional time)

Moroccan Scalp Massage: $25/15min

Alpha & Omega Facial Massage: $15/10 min   

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Body Treatments

Body Polish; 30 min/$65        Chocolate Body Polish; 30 min/$75

Feeling a little rough? A little dry? Rejuvenate your skin with this full-body exfoliation and hydration treatment. A Body Polish treatment will give your skin a smooth, healthy glow that lasts for weeks. Great before tanning and special events, this treatment is a completely natural way to look and feel your best. Upgrade to our Chocolate Body Polish to keep skin hydrated, increase oxygen saturation, and boost blood flow. 

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Black Baltic Body Mud Wrap; 60 min/$120 

Promote detoxification, extract pore clogging impurities and improve skin texture with this fabulous body mud treatment. Organic silts are collected from deep underneath 30,000 year old fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe to provide you with the finest of ingredients.  

Firmi-Sea Body Mud Wrap; 60 min/$120

Rich concentrations of algae, minerals and vitamins dervied from active seaweed varieties harvested off the Brittany Coast of France. This treatment firms, stimulates and tones the skin.  

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Find your bliss with an Ultimate Massage, a Body Mud treatment, a Hot Stone Foot Massage, a Couples Massage — whatever your needs, the Tulsa, Oklahoma Spa Southern Hills massage team is at your service. Please feel free to contact us about our day spa services in Tulsa, or call us today to make an appointment.

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